Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Church Chores + Worrier + LDFriends

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Blog time! It's past midnight and I'm still up full of energy like a kiddo. Im half way finish with the special feature for Sabbath School and by tomorrow hopefully I can send the script to the fellows. I'm such a procrastinator and though I know and I'm aware of it, can't seem to fight it. Such a bad girl.
The day is quite a long one today, I don't know why but I guess waking up early to meet my doctor and settling things out with my sick leave makes it a bit longer. I worry and think too much on things to do and errands to accomplish, I'm such a worrier.
Anyways, I love this day, not just because it's sunny (woot!) but due to the fact that I talked with some important people in my life. I do love communicating with friends and it is such a frustration when I feel that I can't talk to a certain person that I used to talk with. But yes, just like that, I wanted to go with the flow and let go. They say I have a huge ego, but I'm learning to let go the things even people who doesn't want to stay in my life and keep the ones who are struggling to be in it. I love each of them, though we are not in the same place, I appreciate the effort to talk and keep me updated. I'm counting my blessings, not the disappointments. Like what my bestfriend always says, I have my whole life ahead of me. So, don't let the crown fall. :D

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