Monday, April 01, 2013

Weekend Sleepover + Movie & Pamper Night

It is so true that we girls should have time for ourselves away from stress and responsibilities even for just a short time. I guess after all these work and career development duties, we deserve a saturday night sleepover in a friend's house. We just stayed in the house, given that the weather is so bad, we really can't afford to stay out in the cold and rain with our umbrellas. We had a couple of catching ups to do and a lot lot of things to talk about. It is always a good idea to have moments of all-girl bonding. We can talk a lot about things we do not normally do in front of our boy friends.
After the ihaw-ihaw we went straight ahead to the house and prepared our buttered popcorns, fish crakers and potato chips. Honestly, for the past weeks I'm trying to stay away from too much junks and fatty stuff  but this is a valid excuse (I guess). I have with me 5 movies but we only watched 2 of them. They slept at around 3am but since I have a long distance call from a good friend, I slept an hour after.
I miss sleepovers. We usually do these during the spring/summer times and I hope we can do a youth bonding soon. I can't wait for this cold weather to finish. Welcome April! <3 i="">

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