Tuesday, April 09, 2013

When You Smile, I Smile

This is such an awkward picture of our dear dog, my brother showing of her huge white teeth (and him asking me to take a picture of my dog's angelish grin,lol.. She's in the mood for a picture, and most of the time we have a hard time taking pictures of her, so this is one of the epic snappies of Miu.
Miumiu @ 1 and 7mos , a cocker spaniel
It is true that happiness is a matter of choice, it is either you choose to happy or do the opposite, it all depends on you. So, since yesterday, I tried focusing on the things I have in front of me and expect least from the people I used to think of. That literally works. I now believe the saying live one step at a time. I used to worry too much of the future and still allow myself to be affected by past issues of my life which don't give me any help. Last night I realized what a busy person I am, and shouldn't let myself be bothered my anything or anyone at all. So, like what Miu shows in her image, just say cheese.
Things to do tomorrow: Me as a busy bee!
Dog walking, which do everyday
Zumba, my 1 hour morning fitness routine
Job interview, yes!  (Oh help me God!)
Doctors appointment, for my colds (I do not cough btw) I guess I'm suffering from allergic rhinitis. I don't want to self diagnoze and self medicate so gotta see the doc.
Work, God's blessing to me


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