Friday, October 18, 2013

Freaking Cold Cold Season

Sweaters on. Beanies and scarfs are a huge hype now. Yes, the cold season is finally here. After a few months of scourging summer heat, long days and short nights, this bed weather knocks like a bang. It's a sudden change of weather, the result? Colds, fever, influenza and stuffs of the same kind. I caught a  virus 3 weeks ago, and I think I got another rhinovirus again. And, Im not liking it. Though I have some sick leaves, I believe it is not the right time to spend all my entire day in bed. I work as an employee part-time (well, 1/3 time), I have a busy life as a business woman. (lol), The @pqfboutique on IG and ThePackingQueen on FB is a huge hit still after me getting famous for my highwaist shorties. I love this shop, and I somehow plan not to stop is small activity of mine (of which I call my very own).
So, welcoming the season with some new pairs of shoes I got today. I've been on a hunt for nice comfy pairs for rainy season aside from boots, so I got these.
(L) OneWay Classic Shiny Oxford in Cream/Black - €39.00
(R) Coca Bordeux Creepers Flatform- €30.00
Wanting to go to Serravalle one of these weekends. I WANT A MK BAG.  

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