Saturday, January 04, 2014

Body Sore

I tried waking up a little earlier today. Sadly, I am not at my best today, but I struggled to drag myself to meet my agenda. Thanks God was able to do them. ♥
The weather today is so shitty. I can't live forever in weathers like this. Dark, cold, rainy and gloomy. I hate it that my moods are easily affected by the weather. But life must look into the silver lining. I want to sieze my everydays. Hard, but I have to push myself.
Nothin much happened.
♡PS. The sale is on. My target? Just a pair of sneakers, Converse maybe or a Nike Free Running shoes. I am not planning to shop and drop. Im going home in the Phil so, I have to save €€€€€. I have to work hard. Piz!

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