Friday, November 03, 2006

claps to my blog

geez, semestral break is over. and i want to personally thank our college administrators for giving us at least 5 days of vacation! how wonderfool!! *laughs* well, im happy ksi napaaga ang pasukan! yes, dahil nababagot nku dito sa bahay! sobra! i miss my pals in school! damn, i seriously miss their company and our hang-out!! *hugs and kisses* to them!! weee! i love you guys!! i wanna enjoy my last months of being a student! yey! i'm planning to go partys and gimmiks with my friends! yes, i miss those times! nursing is really a damn course! but still, i love it! *smiles* i'll miss every1, especially my love lifes, [take note, it's plural..the "s"]..

yes, this is my second blog!*claps* i'll try to make a better layout next tym [uhhmm.. if i have time!] wee.. november 1 is ovah! i had so much fun.. and of course here are some of the "nasty and ridiculous fotos" taken!! have fun!!


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