Saturday, November 04, 2006

hearts to MCR

weee.. my chemical romance is the best! i really like this band! im not an EMO!! but i do appreciate their songs!! actually, ngdownload nku ng mga songs nila thru limewire and ang-gaganda!! sarap pakingggan. nkakaadik!! *laughs* tomoro im planning to go to my dormitory! pero ayaw pa ako pauwiin ni papa. dunno why! alis daw sya. well, bahala na tomorrow!! yes yes!! pasukan na! and im so damn excited!!! *claps* *jumps*
so bad! deviant art is under maintenance! hate it! im planning to update my account! recently im getting busy doing some photo arts and editing. is pend most of the time editing my "own" photos. weee, i know sa iba sobrang korni ng mga gngwa ko, but who the hell cares!! wahahahaha! :)
knina, we went to AIIAS, dun kme nag-sabbath with my brothers! we took some pictures of the beautiful garden and all the nice spots but unfortunately our camera run out of battery so maybe i can share the photos next tym! olriytie!!


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