Friday, November 10, 2006

shiet! i can relate to this quote!! ate rhona, send me this message!! huwallah!!

"Just because my eyes don't shed tears,
it doesn't mean my heart doesn't cry.
just because i come out strong,
it doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.
Often i choose to pretend I'm happy so i don't have
to explain to people who would never understand.
Smiling has always been easier
than explaining why I'm sad."

WATTAH week!! i finish my enrollment! yey! and this sunday our new section will be heading to a "community immersion" in naic, cavite! we will be staying there for 2 weeks.. [fantastic!].. geezz, i really have to enjoy this! sa tingin ko ito lng ang pwedeng mging daan para makalimot ako sa mga "heartaches" ko! damn! i need to grow! i need to get out of those nasty, stupid things i used to do! graveh! i need to enjoy life! eniweiz, i have a couple of friends in my section and as a matter of fact i enjoyed their company when we had this "courtesy call" in that place. hope this next 2 weeks will be fun!
i'm planning to have a haircut! after this CoIm thing. well, i'll cut my hair [a lil' shorter].. think i need to get a new look. [wat yah tink?].. well i'm just thingking about it... <3>

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