Saturday, November 04, 2006

i'm uber lonely today *sighs*. i woke up very early than my usual waking hours! someone's on my mind... honestly i can't get him out of my mind. idon't wanna hurt him anymore. i still care for him! but he don't even recognize that. i know i did a lot of mistakes, and i'm sorry for those stupid mistakes! :0
i still hope na sana maging good friends prin kmi, despite of the things i've done to him. it wasn't my intention na sakatan cya, sa totoo lng ayoko syang masaktan!! i really wanted the best for him, i want him to be happy kahit na with someelse. matatanggap ko yon! promise! no hurt feelings. pero gusto ko maayos ang lagay namen as "friends".. as "good friends".. that's ol.. i want us to be happy even though we separated apart. <3
well, i'm planning to go nowhere! i'll just stay here in our house. idle! hay!! i feel so boring. thanks to my friends who minded to text me, i really do appreciate them. a lot! *hugs to you guys*, i know they are my strengths. i can't live without them! *promise* i'm excited to go back to school and enjoy life! i wanted to live life! and that's my goal for this semester. to live w/o boys! yey! wonderful! *jumps* geez, im planning to change my friendster profile. i think it's uber classical and *sad*.. i wanna change into a funkier one!! wee.. *excited*
so till' next time!!


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