Monday, December 25, 2006

whayyyyy!! at last!! e2 na aking latest posting dito. and SHIEEETTT!!! [allow me to use that nasty expresyon!]... im uber happy this time! and don't ask why! i'm overwhelmed.. dat's ol...
well, i'm dreaming of having a short hair.. and yes! [this is it]... eto ' na cia... super short hair! damn im lovin' it.. and i don't hella care for other's sarcastic comments.. as long as i'm enjoying it.. everything doesn't matter [intiendes].. i feel a lil' lighter.. watever!!! and here's the details:
dECEMBER 24,2006, David's Salon, SM D
asmarinas, 3:30pm
hahaha [very funny]

classes will resume january 3, 2006.. and i have to accompli
sh a lot of my requirements b4 that fuckn' date!! [so, help me God].. i need to graduate. i dnt wanna fail my parents! aniwei, i'm doing fine.. and dats wat matters.. give me sum kissess fellas.. my dreams are gettin' clearer.. awwwww... <3

piktuyrs.. kodak-kodakan galore:
[eat 'em if you want], <3>
love me love me

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Anonymous said...

nice hair jem