Monday, January 01, 2007

few hours from now, i'll be heading back to pasay... damn! the whole xmas and new year vacation is so "bitin". it sucks! scholling agen and agen and agen... wel, im a graduating stud, so expect me to be uber busy w/ fuckin' requirements, finals and everything.. and that will make my 2007 so TOXIC. I started fixin' my things from undergarments to unifroms... including my "kikay" stuffs and everything..and now i'm having my last internet hopping.. weee.. i did some photo manips and blogging... wahahahaha... i'll miss the times that i spend almost 8 hours in front of the computer doin' nothing.. just "kalandian"... and above all i'll miss my cheap photoshoots... wel, stil im enjoying that stupid thing. after i graduate and have some job, my first salary will be reserved for buying a "high-tech" cam... as a matter of fact, my dream camera is worth 65thousand pesos only *choked*.. and how i wish i can buy that.. hehe.. Godbless me.. it's my passion.. lallalalala.. i miss my blockmates and all my churvah tropapipz.. *sighs* happy moments w/ them.. <3

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