Friday, January 19, 2007

maderpaker! all the while i thought every things gonna be alryt, but i was damn wrong.. i started to feel that he's goin' so far that i could even feel that he cares for me... i believe that i've done a lot of mistakes, but do you think it deserves me ryt? when i look back on tyms wen were 2geter, i'm squeezing out every detail that maybe i've done a wrong turn "agen".. but i couldn't think of any! dats why i have a lot of questionings... and it hurts a lot.. realizing that i didn't even take a shit out of somewhere or some one.. my friends told me that maybe he realized that i wasn't the one for him.. and it's time to move on. well, easy to say, hard to do.. i'm not that type that letting go is just like throwing a candy wrapper in a trash can.. it's not easy.. and now im drowning from insecurities causing me to fall back...
i'm starting to get used to it.. im getting tired.. :(

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