Saturday, January 27, 2007

another day! hay! last nyt i'm so busy burning cds! well, what's the point? nothing.. it's just a release of stress and watsoever emotions. teh fact that i'm rushing to grad requirements, i still have this bashing time for my own personal interests. music and photography! but of cors i promise to fill my requirements on time.. but now isn't the ryt time.. maybe next week will do. lmao!! this 3pm i'll be having my duty "agen".. and who the hell in this world is as unfortunate as we are, my gudness, our CI this week is as toxic as ever.. i think this week will be a hell week for us.. pugay kinamay tlga!! pagnganamansinuswetee!!! well, pls pray for our block.. amen ..
this february, we'll be having our intramurals.. and damn i'm so effin' excited.. graooahhh!! my friends and i are goin' to prepare a cheering "kuno".. that i think this will be our last.. so give enaf patience folkz.. yupyup! <3 practice will start this wednesday i think... wehahaha!! i'm so excited.. stress release.. hehe..

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