Saturday, May 12, 2007

gracious! it's mother's day tomoro.. and whew, can't great my mom personally. how sad.
the day after tonight, is gonna be big! wahaha, i mean big, in a sense that i really have to make a big move!! need to rush on studying for the local boards. it's such a stress, but G i'm so excited! i miss my studying habits when i was still in my lower college years, were in waking up 3am and browsing, memorizing notes is such a habit.
well, now, i'm missing someone. and gosh, i miss him a lot. i just don't know why and how but i do. special feelings are still there and it can't be taken away so easily. and i hope he misses me too, just as i do. [huhuhu..]

til' next time dudes.

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