Sunday, May 13, 2007

lemme see, it's election day tomorrow, and since i'm not a registered voter [i'm such a kiskass ohh my!], i can't practice my right to vote. but, let's just assume okey? i'm planning to vote for [only] 3 senators whom i really admire:
first, Loren Legarda, an opposition, such a great and smart woman. she knows to fight for what she think is right. and in the first place, gogogogo girl power!
second, Joker Arroyo, the poeple's dragon, that's what they call him. i'am really amazed by the laws he had proclamed and everything. really a great and awesome leader.
and lastly third, Trillanes, he was imprisoned because of rebellion, but still i believe that he has something and a potential to become a good leader.
i won't vote for anything else. hehe, but sorry for these guys, they will miss a vote from me. wahaha!!! let's just hope that tomorrow's election will be peaceful.. Godbless our country. hey! i'm proud to be pinay!! yahooooo.. :]

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