Sunday, August 19, 2007

ciao everyone! :] got a long day sleep... this week is kinda weird for me. i'm livin' like a vampire! and i love it.. i've been so damn busy and i find it hard to get some time with my self. go shopping, pampering myself, it sucks. really! but when monetary stuff enters in, that's different. i was like counting days before the next salary will be. and that motivates me.. that is what you call "money hunger"... it's like i'm living independently now. i'm spending my own money. i need to budget everything, as in, budget my daily allowances up to my "vices" and "vanity stuffs"... and i'm working on it.. i hope i'm doing it right.. :] Bless me.. :]
i'm working on my Italian visa application. i really gotta go with my mom! :] more money, more opportunity and experience. that's why
i'm graving for it. it is a student visa. so i don't have to worry much of the requirements! everything will be my mom's responsibility.. :] i'm so damn excited... yeahyeah! :]

foto chits! coming...

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