Sunday, August 12, 2007

holla! sunday, it is! jem is so damn happy! the 10-day foundation training is now over. and the whole 3-10 pioneeers made it. we all passed! yahoo! :] and so, we can proceed to the much harder step, an extremely complicated phase, [tadah] product training! we will be moving to the other building. next to taipan, the PT will be in Prestige Pent House.. :] and i need more powers this time! i can do it!our sked was also changed! it will be 10pm to 7am this coming week. hell right? hope it'll be fun.. hope so :]

heniweiz, the tension in nursing board exams is rising! results will be out by august 15 or 17, according to hearsays. :[ very scary though.the eaxm was twice harder than expected. i did my best during the exam, and i know that whatever the results will be, God still has this great plan in stored for me. So, God's will be done.

later tonight, we'll be hitting trinoma :] been there for 3xs already. the place was like the typical ayala malls. very nice! :] i'm planning to buy something.. eniweiz, mom gave us extra budget for shopping purposes :]

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