Monday, February 23, 2009

Hoping for the Best

I've been watching news in the Philippines lately. I realized that everything is just the same. Old news are just the same news I've heard before I left Philippines last January. Old price hikes, crimes, political issues and drastic economy.. nothing has been changed just the dates and the conflicting degrees. I felt so sad somehow, knowing that no progress still even for just a little. There is nothing to compare between news scaling here in Italy and in the Philippines, knowing that life here is extremely different and organized. How I wish that beyond this down failing economy and lonesome news, people can still manage to have a good livelihood to support themselves especially their family. The problem in our country is that there is so much to do but people with authorities and with power take advantage of what they can get from it. They focus more on their own benefits than what they can do to uplift the country somehow. There is a lot of opportunities for us to grow as Filipinos and as a country only if we unite and think of what we can do as Filipinos. It is nice to be a Filipino and I'm indeed proud to be one. Let us all pray for our country's status and for our countymen's success.

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