Monday, February 02, 2009

Keep Posted!!

got a new blog post at last!! it hasn't been a busy week for me. i have started my italian classes last week an d so far, i can surely say that it is good. i'm planning to have my blog posted in italian language someday soon. and i'm hoping that for me to accomplish that, is to have a more deticated spirit when it comes to studying. hehe.

today,febraury 2,2009, we are celebrating our 14th month anniversary. this is very significant for me because for the first time we are celebrating this event separately. but i know that the feeling is still constant and nothing has been changed except for the fact that we are far from each other. of course, though we are in this situation, we make it a point that we keep our lines open and active. the conversations that we have over the phone, voice chats and even text messages show that love still surfaces against all odds.

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