Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No Deal to Absences After Yesterday

The days are really boring here. It has been 2 days since it rained snow but up to this moment, traces of it remains on the street making it hard for me to go and attend my classes. Haha, is that good enough to defend my katamaran. Kidding aside, it is February and snow raining doesn't really match. Anyhow, I'm planning to attend my evening class later. Hmm.

I'm currently working on my legalization of stay here. I know it isn't easy for I need to submit such documents making my Mom's pocket even tighter. Life here is not easy as everybody thought it to be. Food is our priority. But I make it a point that if I found items of reasonable prices, I've got to buy them. Hehe. I'm planning to go back to Phils once my multiple entry visa is approved by April. And I can't wait to get back home. I miss the important people there especially my Ian. Yey!

I'm currently cutting off my diet. Yesterday, I wasn't able to eat rice. My weight goes down from 50kg to 48.5kg, and I think I'm pretty happy with that. I'm getting used to eating salads and salami which I think is a lot healthier as compared to as eating junks. One problem I have is my never ending chocolate craving. Everytime I go to the nearby supermarket, I'm attracted to low priced chocolates that I cannot resist but to buy them. And I think, I need to restrained myself to prevent further trouble.

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