Monday, March 30, 2009

Pigra Day

Spring air is here. Day-light Saving Time (DST) is on. I'm still adjusting to the new season. I've got some rashes on my hand but it is controllable, thank God. Thanks to my local petrolium jelly. Effective cosi. I haven't accomplished a lot today. I studied a little of Chesca's notebook, which is somehow imortant. I cleaned the house, cooked for my brothers and went out to buy something from the grocery just outside our house. I planned to go out and have a stroll in via Torino for the latest sale of the town but I had a second thought. I wasn't able to go. One thing more, I had a chat with my soon-to-be husband after almost 2 days. I realized that I missed him and he is still lovable as always. Since I'm so damn pigra, I didn't attend my classes for today. I wasn't able to use by settimanale biglietto for this day, che pechatooo! Sono tropo pigra, and I don't like it. Tomorrow, I'll be more productive. I hope so.

Pictures taken yesterday at Tita Flor's house. We visited her with the cousins:

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