Monday, April 06, 2009

The April Celebration

Today is Jake's birthday, 6th of April 2009. We went out. We ate in BurgerKing and trolled around Duomo. Since my father has work today, he wasn't able to celebrate with us unfortunately.

Holy Monday today, and the start of our Holy Week vacation. Here in Italy, it isn't considered as a holiday but good thing we started our vacation that early. Resume of classes is on the 16th.

Ian and I had a lame communication today. Bawi time , tomorrow. He has 16 hour duty by tomorrow. I'll call him. I promise. Since we ate in BurgerKing, I started to midss him and our gala days. I'll be with you soon, Mahal. Just wait. :)

Sharing Random Pictures. (More pictures in this link:

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