Thursday, March 05, 2009

Responsibility Week

I am on antibiotic therapy today, I mean for the past 3 days now. I've been suffering from cough and a little of colds for the past 1 week and now I think I need to take some action. The weather down here is not that ok. It frequently changes from sunny to rainy but the temperature is still the same. Literally, it bugs much on our health, so precaution is entirely needed.

My Mom was in the hospital for almost 1 week. She isn't that ill but confinement is needed. She experienced blurred vision on her right eye so she freaked out. She visited an out-patient department for an eye check-up, and the diagnosis turned out to be Retinal Thrombosis. It wasn't that serious as per the doctor. But she needs antithrombolytic therapy to refrin it from recurring. Several lab tests are done, and it was also ruled out that she is anemic so she needs additional check-up. After a week of confinement, it turned out really favorable. Thank God she's back to work and kicking.

For the past week, I have learned that I is reallly hard to be a Mom. While she's away, I was the one who cooks, laundrys adn do house hold stuffs. It is not easy that you need to wake up early to cook food, go to the grocery and to clean the house. At least, now I canproudly say that I can somehow managed to be like one. Haha.

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