Monday, March 09, 2009

Strong Winds Won't Break the Stronger

Dear PHB,

I woke up a little bit early today. Maybe my body clock changed from waking up 12.00pm to 8.30am. which I think is better. I thought of you today, as always. It has been exactly 61 days since I hugged and kissed you. What troubles me the most is that, for that 61 days, I haven't seen you personally in front of me being with me all day. It isn't an easy situation for everybody to think. No it isn't, indeed.

For the past 15 months that we are together (excluding the 2 1/2 months that I'm here), we've been very happy and contented. I know that this is the relationship everybody is dreaming about, no quarrels and no third parties. It is so nice to know that despite our differences, we jived so well. A lot of people are happy seeing us together, but I know much more are not so. Despite this fact, we still manage to be stronger proving them that they are wrong. That is the nicest thing about us., holding on despite all odds.

I know that in this world, there are no perfect relationships. And I also admit that ours is not perfect but a "real" one. Can you tell? In reality, life has been challenging us on both sides. These are the out-of-our-control circumstances, which I'm praying that will not ruin us (and I believe will never). I'm religiously praying to God that He will strengthen us more. Every night, I ask for God's approval for our plans whether it be for the family, future. short term goals and it feels good. Knowing that despite a lot of people tearing us a part, God is ready to listen. :]

I'm holding on tightly my dear. I'm patiently waiting. And I know that you are doing the same way. See you very soon. I can't wait for that moment that I can be with you again. :]

I love you more than I can tell, and more that words can define. Godbless!

Bacio, Jem.

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