Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Countdown

Winter is coming to an end. As stated, transition from winter to spring is on March 22. I can feel the sun and the warmth of the it. For some, it is the most beautiful season of the year and I think it is.

It is a beautiful day. Me and my Mom went to near-by market to buy something. Market here is somehow different in the Philippines. There is no such thing as "palengke" literally. Mercato usually occupies part of the street where vendors take advantage of the season transition. They sell winter clothes at a much lower prices. And of course, we bought some. I was able to buy boots, skirts and a long sleeve shirt at the most reasonale price.

One thing more. This was issued march 3, 2009 in the daily giornale here in Milan. Yes, Philippines and it's worst side published. How dare those photographers! There is more that meets the eye in my country other than this. How come they call this photography?

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