Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gay-ish Shots and Plans for the Day

I've got no new news for today. I just found a new application on the web ( too bad it is just a trial version). But hey, enjoy the 31 day free use! Here are the pictures I (and my sibs) got. We are literally gay.

And to sparkle a little bit of sense in this post, here are my to-do list:
1. operation clean the house ( I do it everyday fyi)
2. grocery / market showdown ( with my mom of course)
3. updating my old friendster blog (and my not-so-interesting stories in it)
4. download the latest version of adobe photoshop (just don't know it yet, we'll see)
5. catch up with my lessons (uhmm, study it is? )
6. enhance communication skills (talk with someone who would help me)
7. buy chocolates ( hate it much as I love it)
8. think of my future and my love ( I am doing it everyday)

So, till next post. Woot!

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