Monday, May 11, 2009

Buona Festa della Mamma

Yes, I'm totally aware that my greetings are 1-day late. Not intentionally, though. It's Monday again, start of this freaking week. Yesterday, we we're not able to celebrate for mother's day since it's linggo.. (in short sarado lahat ng negozi which makes this country super weird). We don't have any plans out celebrating this monday. Everyone seems so busy. Instead of eating outside and miggling with friends, Marc and I decided to help Mama with her part-time job. Parang simpleng regalo na rin yun namen sa kanya. It's a lot sweeter than giving anything material, right? After working for 2 hours, we decided to go to a nearby supermarket to buy anything na pwedeng kainin. While in the supermarket, I felt like I wanted to eat a lot of food. I have a huge cravings, and only God knows why. lol. When we got home, Marc prepared pesto and we hate heartly.

May 18, 1987. I shooooooould take note of that date!! Masyado akong makakalimutin sa mga dates and bdays ng mga friends ko. And now, I forgot when was Ian's bday. Buti nalang he's super bait he didn't get mad at me. It won't happen ever again, and I'm swearing it. Hohoh.

Mainit yata ang ulo. :p

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