Saturday, May 09, 2009

Japan Welcomes Ate Angel

Ate Angel (Ian's oldest sister), was blessed to get a nursing job in Japan. They've been waiting for this time to come ever since God knows. :) I'm happy at the same time sad since she's leaving his family for a while which I know is totally hard. Kahit ako nung umalis, masakit sa aking loob. :] But God takes you to place which He knows is better. Bonvoyage Ate!

Woo. Japan has been one of the places I really wanted to conquer someday. Japan has been a busy country, from latest technology to delicious delicacies, a total wow. One I get the chance, nobody can stop me. Even the dreadul swine influenza. Hoho. The reasons? Ito:

Food. Food. Food. (I like Cali Maki the most)
Their National Costume. ( I haven't tried wearing one)

Discreet houses. (Their off shoe policy and low tabled styles)
iRobots. Latest Technology. (They've got the latest from the latest)

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