Friday, May 08, 2009

Your Ideals

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This blog has been stocked with my personal rants, chismis and how's my day like updates. It makes me bored, somehow. And to make this blog entry a lil' significant I thought of posting other topics. Last night when I'm about to fall a sleep I'm thinking of my ideal man. No, I'm not searching. I've got the man I'll always wished for, in the person of by boyfriend. And I'm happy. A lot of people say, there isn't no ideal man.. just the real man. Ang sabi ko naman, parang nabasa ko lang yan sa text message/GM ng mga friends ko. Is there really an ideal man?

Way back in my highschool days (1st year, to be exact), I always ask my friends how is it to love and be loved. It wasn't a big search for me that time. I used to have crushes on some of the hs boys and I know totally at that time, I'm not inlove. As far as I can remember, and mga type ko sa guy dati ay ang mga characteristics na hinahanap ko before I had by current bf. It changed a little, though almost are the same. Cute, Matangkad, Mayaman, Maputi, May kotse, Singkit, Palabiro, Hindi madaldal (ako lang dapat ang madaldal), masipag, responsible, God fearing and has respect for his/my family. Hndi lahat ng naging bf ko may mga characteristics na yan, almost pero hindi lahat.

After 22 years of existence, I haven't known much about life. Life has it's own twists and turns, nothing is certain. All I know in this idea of having an ideal man is when you finally accept a person ( his flaws and weaknesses) fully. You cannot love a person by just accepting half of what he/she is. When you love, you accept 100% whether you deny it or not. Sabi nga, walang perfect sa mundo. We are made from imperfections. But accepting and loving who we are makes us a person, struggling for the better makes us worthy. By the end of the day, your ideal person/guy/girl boils out to be the one you trully and fully love.

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