Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Feast of Sant'Ambrogio

It was predicted that the weather today should be "rainy". But since it is a feast of a saint, it turned out to be the opposite. Though the wind blows really strong, the sun was shining a lot more than we thought of. In short, the day was awesome.

We are complete today, my family. We were able to go for a walk along Piazza Castello while enjoying the Autuno's wind. It was a really a day to remember.

On the mean while, before the said giro we had, I* and I should have talked over skype but unfortunately we didn't. I was really disappoint to the fact that I managed to wake up this morning hoping to get the chance of talking to him. But in the end (just like any other fairy tales ended, lol) we turned out to be in good terms again. Soon, we'll be together mahal. I'm working on it.

Back to work tomorrow. I don't know if it is a fine day after this but whatever it is.. it's still a busy day for me. Ciao for now. Parking cars :D

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