Monday, December 07, 2009

This Post is supposed to be posted 12.02.09, My bad :(

Zomg! I haven't got even a single time to post a blog for some unknown reasons. Anyhow, I'm back. Pinky swear I'll update this every now and then. Cha-oz!

DECEMBER 02, 2009
This date is so significant. Why o why? It's JemIan Day! O well, and unfortunately we were not able to spend this event together. But all I know is, He loves me and I love him. Only US. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BOTH OF US! I LOVE YOU.

How did we celebrate our Anniversary?
-After work I got the chance to buy a piece of Roschette Cake from a near by pastecerria.
-My Mom cooked a special Nioki with Pomodoro with 2 red candles for the said celebration
- Picture picture. Chik chik. ( The images are still on my MC, next time I'll post them here.
-HIM, work. :) Me too.
- Chat in the morning.
- Phone call at night.
- A lot of 143.

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