Thursday, November 29, 2012

Project101 (My Newest Blog)

I've been planning to make another blog that talks about all my DIY projects and stuffs. I don't want to mix my DIY and Refashion updates here so I can discuss topics better and to be more organized. I'll be up and active on Pinterest to promote it since I do not moderate LUUUX anymore due to lack of time and the meetings makes me sick (US timezones?? really!). But my account is still up ang working, bad that I can't update it anymore (my bad!). So, moving on, I'm still getting myself acquainted on how to make crafts site by clicking tons and tons of sites that can give me tips. I'm planning to make mine more me, so I won't copy. (lol).  Happy that it is possible to make another blog as an extention of this blogger account, so I can manage and navigate these two with ease. So for now, got my name: PROJECT101. I was thinking of making it ProjectDepartment101 however I came across a website that is BeautyDepartment and so I changed my mind. Excited. I'm working on the header... But this is not official yet. I'm planning to run it on December 1st, hopefully. Any suggestions? PM me. Ciao!
I like the tagline, "Do it like a boss" thing. Haha!