Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Rain (Again) + New DIY + TeaTime and Crepes

Whole week of rain, yes, and that is not ok. Looking for a better weather ahead (though its impossible, hello autumn!).
So what's up today? Scroll down.. Hehe
~One time I went to H&M, I fancied on some ear warmer bands and so this morning I tried to make one for myself. Easy! And I'll wear it for sure!
~Maybe the thing I do best during the rainy season is to make myself cozy by sipping warm tea and doing worthwhile sweets. Crepes! Im not a good cook but since I have a sweet tooth, lemme go try it! Not bad, honestly!
Thats all! Oh and by the way, can't wait for next year... Don't know why but I feel that something great is about to hit me. Been so freaking insane this year. Tsk... Positivity ahmmmm...

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