Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Rain + Manicure + Plans Plans & Plans

Such a gloomy day today. Nothing really special happened, got up early to do my stuff, went to buy some stuff, ran errands and work. Since Im not a rainy season type of person, Im literally lowbat today (since yesterday). I dont know if that gloominess has to do with my sweet cravings (maybe it does!). Funny that I bought a santa clause shaped chocolate, and because of my cravings, I wasnt able to take a pic of it. Its a funny shaped chocolate, believe me. Lol.
To end up my day, got a good warm shower, relaxed and had my me time. Painted my nails with pink + glitter topper. I guess perfect for holidays! Weee! Santa's comin'...
Ps. I dont want to stay here anymore. I need to move out of the country. Promise.... Oghhhs!

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