Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inside my Bubble: Past is Past

Spring, come to me 
Past is past. That is what we all say when someone asks us something about a person who used to have a special part in our hearts in the past .. or is it really just in the past?? I have a lot of issues from the past. Some are great, those I don't really regret. Some are bad, things that you regret or maybe things that you wish it never happened.
I had a recent talk with a long lost friend. She's a nice friend and I owe her a lot of my good memories back in college. She asked me about my life and then suddenly she asked me about my past. Nothing really serious but I find it so irrelevant to open such topics as this. This is just one of the reasons why I never talk to anyone from that place anymore, all they wanted is to dig out something that has been buried long long ago. I'm all fine, but I felt uneasy but to no offense, I answered the question with all formality. Some issues were opened even the ones I'm not interested at. Even harsh things that I shouldn't have to know. This incident didn't just happen once, but a lot of times.
But honestly, one thing I learned about all this past issues is to look forward into something better in my life. I believe that something better is coming on my way and I can feel it. I don't hold any regrets, hurt or anger to that person in my past but I'm currently working on to something wonderful. I cannot explain the feeling but I do cherish every moment I have with that someone I value now. He may not seem to know it by now, but yes, he's so special to me. I'm enjoying his presence in mine. I just hope time and love can redo things again** for us. Maybe not now, but soon.
**again, typed it right...

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