Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Today!

After a long time, finally, I have decided to get active on LUUUX again. I still have the moderator's account though I don't moderate now. I guess it takes a lot of responsibility and time to be able to do the job again. I'm currently facing the real world now (got it from the ex-moderator who resigned before me). Since I have the desire to blog, I just want to make my LUUUX account active after a long time of MIA.  But then again thanks to all who clicked my sharedlinks on this site. That helped me a lot in gaining L$.
This is the after brekky face. BUSOG!

So, while scanning my files, I found this letter somewhere here. (Just read between the lines). 
I have a friend. I knew him for quite a long time now. I met him when we were in college and I used to like him , as common crush. I mean, during my college days, I do have an eye for makulit guys. I don't know why maybe because I'm like that too or maybe I find them not boring. I see a lot of guys who are so soft spoken but I'm really attracted into their funny personality. So, yes, we were just mere so-called friends or maybe a casual friend. My years in college passed by without me getting to know him deeper. Maybe I just knew him through his closed friends who are somehow close to me. We do not really go out together as a group. Aside from that, he had a giflfriend.
After college, I used to train in a nearby institution and I seldom see him. Maybe just a simple hi-hello when we csee each other cross the street. I had a serious relationship with someone before and so I didn't get involve into knowing other people (guys). We used to talk over fb chats, just friendly talks, nothing more, nothing less. I like him, his personality as a whole. We laugh a lot about some jokes and of course some serious matters, senseful topics I should say. I liked him
After that, he told me that he likes me. But things went so complicated that Imor found it hard to communicate with him anymore. And in just a blink of an eye, we are out. I blocked him from my friend's list and started my life over again like I'm living in a whole different world. Without anyone from my past, I tried to move ahead fast.
Until, one ordinary day, I started to mend myself and got back into tract. I feel like I need to face this life with full maturity. It isn't easy but I choose to be happy and give myself a break from chasing people. I used to chase people back into my life but this time, I'm going to give chances a chance. He is still there waiting. He doesn't stop talking to me, like, everyday and I can feel it. I like the feeling of being loved. Should I give this a chance? 

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