Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mama's Bday + Addicting Workout?!

March 12. and it's my Mom's birthday today (not mentioning her age though). My father just did some cooking and I myself baked a very simple banana cake this morning for tonight's dinner. Great!
Pansit, friend chicken and banana cake for tonight's meal. Happy birthday !

For a week now I've been motivated to slim down. I loose a lot of weight when I got an influenza 2 months ago and my body trimmed down, and I honestly like it a lot. Summer is coming fast, so I'm getting myself into Zumba! I saw a 60euro Zumba set in one of the sports center here and I find it so costly. Good thing I have a genius brother and got me HD downloaded copies of the Zumba DVDs online. Yehey! So, I started it this morning. Loving it so far and really addicting! Plus! I'm learning on how to be diet conscious. I seem to check everything I eat, calorie content etc. I guess I'm getting an OCD. No way!
I'm updating it into 60minutes a day. :D

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