Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We Are Strong, I know

It's Wednesday today. I woke up super late, 11:30am. After eating my breakfats, I started my plan to read articles in a giornale for at least 2 hours a day to gain more information. I find it very useful, for the first hour or my reading, i learned a lot of words and of course events happening around me.

For lunch, I only ate a bowl of ensalata with fresh apples and 2 chicken wings. I still manage to balance my diet. I really don't wanna get fat. Heheh.

This afternnoon, I'll be heading for school at 5:30pm up to 10:30pm. I'm pretty excited this time since I got more acquaintances compared to last week. I had 3 close friends, all girls from Brazil. I find them really nice as compared to as making friends to my fellow Pilipino. Of course, my Pilipino classmates are also nice but I just don't feel like getting close to them.

Today is February 4, almost a month away from the Philippines... and almost a month too, away from my special someone. I think of him a lot, more than he can imagine. How wish he can manage to wait for me until I finish fixing the documents for my legalization of stay here. But I have his 100% trust that we can still hold on. I love him a lot! And he is so missable.

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