Monday, February 09, 2009

Taebo On The Go!

Woke up really early today. 7am, o yes. Started my date with a twist. My Mom and I started our Palestra Sessions aka Taebo. We got our help from some videos downloaded by kind people in Oh, yeah, I give credits to them. For the first time in my entire stay here in Italy, this is the first time I sweat. Really. And it feels really good because of the cold weather down here. Im praying that I'll continue what we have started.

Yesterday, My Ian and I had a chat sssion. I really missed him a lot. I can see that he missed me too. How I wish I could see him again.. very soon. Later today, we'll talk again. 101% communication is what we really need for us to grow despite the distance, and I'm enjoying it though it is really depressing.

Later, I'll have my classes again. I studied my lessons past yesterday. And I hope I've got to learn more today. Hopefully, within 2 hours. Say goodluck to me, Adios!

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